Habitat Tectonics - Architecture & Urbanism (HTAU) is a Delhi based architectural research and design studio that believes in the ability of architecture to transform and inspire. HTAU was set up in 2011 by Mriganka Saxena and Puneet Khanna, an urban designer-architect team with over thirteen years experience, both having worked in the UK and India.

At HTAU, we believe in the concept of genius loci or the spirit of a place. From the lay of the land, landscape setting and physical location of a site down to materials, crafts and building technologies, the various explicit and implicit elements that define the spirit of a particular site must inform the design of any object or place. 

This approach manifests itself in the creation of buildings and places that are not only true to themselves and their larger context but are inherently sustainable. HTAU lays emphasis on sustainable infrastructure and building systems, both critical for the success of any project. From passive methods to the use of appropriate technologies, we believe in finding innovative solutions to minimise the negative impact of building activity.

HTAU provides a varied range of services including Architecture, Urban Design and Masterplanning, Planning Policy, selective Retrofitting and Product Design. We believe, each aspect of design can inform another and working across core specialities, disciplines and scales, we continually engage and endeavour to align different perspectives and priorities to deliver a richer product.



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